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Filamer Christian University’s Mission Journey

March 29, 2011 Journal

You Are Invited to Join Filamer Christian University’s Mission Journey

Carla A. Romarate-Knipel

March 30, 2011

             It all began with three homeless orphan girls entrusted to the care of American Baptist missionaries serving in Capiz, Philippines, in 1904.  Since then, the Baptist Home School has grown to become Filamer Christian University (FCU) and has trained thousands of students in various fields of service.  Filamer intends to build a new library in response to the needs of a growing student population and in service to the community.  You are invited to join Filamer’s continuing mission journey by praying for and supporting the new library project.

            The name “Filamer” is a combination of Filipino and American, and refers to the partnership of the Filipino and American Baptists in providing excellent Christian education to Filipino students in the province of Capiz in Panay island.  Rev. and Mrs. Joseph Robbins began Baptist Home School in August 1904 for orphan girls and eventually admitted boys to their growing school.  The first building called the Baptist Home School was a gift from the American Baptist Foreign Mission Society.  Since its founding, Filamer has grown from a school of 26 children to becoming Filamer Christian Institute with 80 students in 1952.  By 1985, the school became Filamer Christian College and kept on growing until it became the first private Christian university in Capiz in 2010 with over a thousand students. 

 Filamer Christian University’s Vision and Mission:

             Vision - A dynamic Christian institution committed to quality and excellent education

            Mission – To provide relevant, quality, and holistic education for the pursuit of academic excellence and the development of the total well-being of individuals in society.

             FCU is considered as a pioneer and one of the best educational institutions in Capiz. It has contributed to the growth of Capiz province by providing graduates who have become leaders not only in Capiz but in other parts of the Philippines and the world.  In the same year that Filamer became a university, it was awarded as one of the top three universities with the best outreach program to the community in her region  

            As a former Bible and Values Education teacher at Filamer, I have personally experienced the joy of engaging with students, faculty and staff alike in the task of integrating the Christian faith with our respective disciplines; and in dialogue with other faith traditions. I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve as the first director of the Capiz Bible Institute (then housed at the Capiz Evangelical Church) in 1989, that later on became part of Filamer and is now known as Center for Pastoral and Biblical Studies. Through this program, Filamer has trained bi-vocational pastor-teachers who go back to their communities to serve as pastors and community leaders.  My teaching-learning experiences at Filamer and Capiz Evangelical Church had become a rich and fertile ground in my spiritual formation as a young pastor in her first assignment right after graduating from seminary at Central Philippine University, Filamer’s sister-institution. I am overjoyed to know how much Filamer has grown since I left in 1991. I praise and thank God for growing the seeds of faith and sacrificial commitment of all the missionaries who have served at Filamer.  Filamer continues to grow and move forward to accomplish God’s vision and mission.  You are invited to join in this mission journey and be amazed at what God can do through Filamer and you!


Carla A. Romarate-Knipel is a dynamic leader promoting Asian and cross-cultural ministry. She was invited by International Ministries to serve as Benjamin Chan’s Special Assistant for Philippines Relation. Click to see Carla’s profile: