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My new book"Blessed Are the Peacemakers" to be released in 4 weeks

March 28, 2011 Journal
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My New Book "Blessed Are the Peacemakers" Will Be Out in Four Weeks.

I’ve written a new book which is due to be released before the end of April"Blessed Are the Peacemakers" is a collection of 62 mini-bios of peacemakers organized in areas of peace work:  prophets/visionaries, martyrs, organizers, theorists, teachers/trainers, mediators, advocates, nonviolent activists and artists.  Each section has an intro chapter about that kind of peace work with some incredible examples. 

I've had more fun writing this book than any other.   Some of these folks are Baptists:  Martin Luther King, Jr., Bernard Lafayette, Lucius Walker, Jimmy Carter, Ken Sehested, Carl Upchurch and Wati Aier (who will be given the next Baptist World Alliance's human rights award).  I get incredibly inspired reading about these ordinary folks who did extraordinary things in their time and place.  I'm hoping they will inspire us to do the extraordinary work for peace in our time and place.

The book will be released sometime in April.  It will retail for $16.95, available through local bookstores and the internet.  We are planning to also release it as an e-book for much less.  If you want to place an advance order for the print edition at a special discount, send a check made out to "Dan Buttry" for $15.  My mailing addrss is 2300 Neibel St., Hamtramck, MI 48212.  I'll send you a signed copy with complimentary shipping.  This offer is good only through the end of April 2011. 

Publishing a book is a lot like having a baby--except I'm sure my wife will swear that my authorial labor pains were nothing like hers!  But there is still the excitement of the long process of writing, then editing, getting the "kicks" of seeing the cover design, and counting down the days to delivery (by UPS rather than by a midwife or doctor).  I’ve got pregnant friends who show off the ultrasound photos of their growing baby, and I’ve showed off the cover photo of the book. 

We're in the final stages of copy editing.  Every day I'm responding to some questions and rewriting a sentence here or there as we seek to polish it up.  Then we do a final run through the proofs.  Then at long last the baby will be "born."  I can hardly wait!

In peace and hope,