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Me? A Leader? You’ve got to be kidding.

March 1, 2011 Journal
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Have you ever been unsure of your own abilities, wondering if God could really use you in practical ways? This has been the common reaction of people who took part in three different leadership development events we offered recently.

We were delighted that 26 people from three churches participated in the first module of the Escola de Liderança (Leadership School) we are offering at our church. Several who participated shared that they do not see themselves as leaders - but if God wants to use them, they are ready and willing! This group will meet four times through the end of March.

Several young adults at JAMI’s missionary training center expressed similar surprise as they began to reflect on the gifts that God has given them after a recent workshop we did on spiritual gifts. Often times, it is easier to recognize the potential in others than in ourselves. These missionaries in training are discovering how to use their gifts to share the good news of Jesus in both word and deed.

When the members of the Liderança dos Jovens (Youth and Young Adult Leadership Team) at our church started out a couple of years ago, they were unsure of their ability to lead worship, plan retreats and engage in community service. Over the last six years we have trained and encouraged them so that today, they are mentoring other young people and encouraging them to “be prepared for action” (the group’s theme this year). The team will take on even more responsibility for leadership as we prepare for our US/Puerto Rico Assignment in June.

Please pray for all of these dedicated leaders, that they would continue to grow in faith and wisdom as they faithfully serve God and others. Also, join us in prayer for ministries and events that are coming up in the next six weeks:

* Seminário de Visão (Vision Workshop) - empowering our churches to minister to the whole person in our own community and around the world. Pray that hearts would be open to a broader understanding of why the church exists.

* English for Mission classes with the missionaries in training at JAMI. Pray for perseverance for both the students and the instructors!

* Missão Integral (Holistic Mission) course with JAMI students. These young adults from Brazil, Mozambique, Angola, Guinea Bissau, and Peru are dedicating 18 months of their life to train for holistic ministry in poor communities in Brazil and in their own country.

Borquist Family Transitions

There are many changes in store for our family in the coming months. We would appreciate your prayers for wisdom, strength, and a sense of Christ’s peace as we prepare for our Special Assignment/US-Puerto Rico Assignment beginning on June 1st.

Leaving Brazil and finding a house in the U.S.: We will have to pack up everything and vacate our apartment here in Belo - if you have gone through the experience of moving, you know how we are feeling. Please also pray that God would lead us to the right house to rent in the Bremerton, WA area.

Asa’s college plans: Asa graduated from high school here in Brazil in December and is now preparing for university studies in the States. Pray that God would lead him to the right school and that our family would handle this transition with grace and confidence.

Your partnership with us in ministry and your loving support for our family is a constant source of encouragement. We thank God for you!

Com amor em Cristo (with love in Christ),

Ann and Bruce