International Ministries

Back from Kikongo

February 25, 2011 Journal
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Hi friends,

I'm just back from another teaching trip to Kikongo. It was a great
trip where I found myself teaching future pastors how to share their
faith and how to teach others to do the same. For me it was a dream
come true. That seems to happen to us a lot here.

I'm really writing to ask you to pray with us. For about three years
now I've been working on a project to get a satellite internet
connection in Kikongo. This connection would make it possible for our
missionaries to communicate with their families and friends. It would
make it possible for our students to do online research and it would
be a great help to the hospital and schools that are in Kikongo. You
can imagine what a great communication boost this will be in a place
where there aren't even any telephones.

Well, after all this time we were finally able to order the equipment
last week so that we can begin the installation here. We'd ask that
you pray with us that the equipment arrives soon and gets through
customs easily. Pray that we can do the installation quickly and get
all the proper permits and permissions from the government. Pray that
this project will glorify God and advance His kingdom.

In Him,

Mike Lowery