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Kihomi Partners with Doctors without Borders

February 14, 2011 Journal
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Dear Friends, Family Members and Loved Ones,


Medecins Sans Frontieres or Doctors Without Borders have been very helpful in the treatment of cholera patients. They have a treatment site in our community working with the staff of the Ebenezer clinic. They were amazed to see and to learn how sister Nadi, one of our Community Health Evangelism ladies took care of Ben, the young man of 22 years old we reported in our Feb 6th newsletter.

The Doctors Without Borders learned about the training I give to our ladies and men, and they become very interested in our program. They asked us if I could help them reach more people by joining me in the education effort in the rural area.

Together we educated a large segment of population in L'Acul Jeanot where close to 100 families attended the meeting. This Sunday February 13, we were in the churches of Haut-Limbe, Limbe and Port Magot.
Monday we had a session at the Limbe Baptist church where over 100 women showed up. They have come to realize that in churches, we all can reach many people at once.

Besides the heath education program I, Kihomi have been nominated to be a board member of two institutions: Medical Ambassadors of Haiti, an international organization working in support of medical institutions and supervising health education and prevention programs, and Cooperative Baptist Fellowship in its Self Help Group of women’s program.

Please join us with Doctors Without Borders to reach and educate more people so that they too will have a healthy life.

In His Service


Dear supporters,

It is hard to overstate the impact Kihomi’s work has on the entire country of Haiti.  Through her system of training women of the Haitian Baptist Convention (125 churches) she reaches everywhere.  Her women can respond to problems quickly anywhere in Haiti.  She is like the Doctors Without Borders motto “To go where no one else wants to go”.  They have been invaluable in the rural areas that do not get the attention of the main charities and government agencies during a crisis.  This is possible because you care and show it with your prayers and financial support.  Thank you.


Dennis Shewell
Mission Partnership Team Communications Advocate and Convener
Nzunga and Kihomi Ministry
Phone: 812-569-1352

Other team Members:
Les Roberson
Diana Peysha
Shawna Gorman
Terry Bivens-Fry
Charles Newman