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A Child Needs Your Prayers

February 7, 2011 Journal
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Many of you have heard me state the following, "Do what you can, with what you've got, in the moment you're given."  Today, I especially needed to remember this saying and to repeat it for others who had not heard. 

There is a pediatric cardiologist visiting from Hasbro Children's Hospital in Rhode Island.  It's his first visit and first missions trip.  His job, today, was to see cardiac patients that had been screened for surgery in the US but were waiting for a hospital to say "yes" to their need.  It goes without saying that this doctor was floored by what he saw today.  All but one of the patients was in need of surgery as soon as possible but one small child is more desperate than the others.

Miguel Anthony is a 3 year old boy from batey Prado, very far from the hospital.  He was diagnosed with transposition of the great vessels over a year ago in one of our medical clinics.  His condition is always treated at birth.  He has gone three years without surgery and now has early right-sided heart failure.  We admitted him to our hospital overnight on oxygen as he is quite blue in the hands and mouth from poor oxygenation because of the defect.  He will be transported to a hospital in Santo Domingo tomorrow where they will evaluate him to find out if he is even able to have surgery or if his condition has damaged his lungs as well. 

Please pray for Miguel Anthony and his mother who is with him.  Both are scared and worried.  I don't know what donations will be needed for his care, but if you would like to make a donation, they can be sent to the Good Samaritan Mission Council through their website at:

Thank you for your prayers!


Kristy Engel

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