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Thomas’ Travels February 2011

January 29, 2011 Journal
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In spite of the morning rains, about 25,000 people attended the New Year's Eve rally in the "Stade des Martyrs". The electric power shut off three times in the course of the afternoon which made us lose two hours of meeting time. When my turn came to preach, I had only 45 minutes. We had the use of the stadium only until 6:30 pm. The gathering was designed mostly for believers, but I also included a call to non-believers in my message. My text was from Deuteronomy 9: 3 "But be assured today that the Lord your God is the one who goes across ahead of you like a devouring fire, He will destroy them; He will subdue them before you."

 We were not allowed to use the football field, so we called for people to stand up where they were as a sign of first time commitment or rededication. As far as I could see, practically the whole stadium stood up. The rally was televised live across the city and across the river to Brazzaville. It was also retransmitted twice daily for much of January, so a potential audience of several million people could see it.

 The organizers told me how much they appreciated the fact that I pulled no punches when it came to laying bare the sins of the people without distinction of social class, and calling for repentance and restitution whenever possible and necessary. The organizers want to take advantage of this momentum and have me come back to Kinshasa, and they suggested August for a national pastors' conference and an open-air evangelistic meeting. If this is possible, I'm hoping that I can work together with Proclamation Evangelism Network on this venture.

 I spent a couple of hours with the General Secretary of the Baptist Community (CBCO) which has had quite a long period of difficulties. We discussed how I might be able to help them relaunch their ministry of evangelism on a new track.


It's a ten-hour drive from Dar-Es-Salaam to Mbeya. For fifty kilometers you drive through a game park and you are warned to stay in your vehicle. We saw a herd of elephants, many deer, some zebras which crossed the street in front of our car, several wanabees, and buffalos. Further on, we saw a lot of baboons on the side of the road 'waiting to be fed'.

 I went to Mbeya to attend a prayer conference. About 400 pastors, bishops and other church leaders were present. I spoke twice and also shared briefly about Andrew Palau's 2012 Festival in Dar-Es-Salaam, and about plans to help evangelize Northern Tanzania. For the latter endeavor, one pastor suggested the name Arise Kilimanjaro 2012. And, by the way, for the young and the brave, this same pastor has offered to organize a trek up the mountain.

 Mike Mhango, from Luwinga, Malawi, made a nine-hour bus trip just to meet me, mandated by his own church and several other churches in the area. The purpose was to invite me to hold a series of meetings with the group of churches which do evangelism periodically and would welcome my help. Since I will be in Africa for Arise Kilimanjaro 2012, I'm planning on lengthening my trip in order to include this ministry in Malawi. I will be corresponding with Mike Mhango over the next several months.


February 26 to March 6, we will be a team of five people collaborating on five days of teaching seminars and eight days of open-air evangelistic ministry.

Thank you for caring and sharing in this ministry.


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