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The Kamulkenge Ate Our Kittens

January 18, 2011 Journal
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This morning we woke up to a tragedy. We discovered that our four new
kittens were missing. When I say "missing" I'm being nice. We found
evidence of foul play and quickly surmised that the kamulkenge from
the forest near to us had feasted himself on our precious little pets.
Since the mother cat made no sounds and shows no injuries, it looks
like the kamulkenge waited for her to wander off and then took
advantage of the situation.

A kamulkenge, or Genet, is a forest cat. Congolese folks call them
"foxes", but they're really more like a small house cat. The attached
picture gives you a good look at a kamulkenge. They're fierce
predators that eat birds and small rodents and like to get into nests
and cause havoc. We've raised a couple of them and they are great pets
until their vicious killer instincts kick in. Then they have to be set
free in the forest far away from people and their pets.

Recently I preached on the temptation of Jesus in the desert. We
talked about how the devil does not want us to trust that God cares
for us and that we need to go it on our own. We also discussed the
verse in I Peter that says that the devil is like a roaring lion
searching for people to devour. It's a pretty graphic picture of our
adversary's work in the world.There's a spiritual predator out there
looking for weak and exposed victims so that he can tempt them and rob
them of their faith.

This is the reason that I appreciate the work of the Pastor's
Institute of Kikongo. At the Pastor's Institute we are discipling and
training future leaders of village churches. They will serve in very
remote areas where the people are like "sheep without a shepherd".
They will teach the Word and help the people to reduce their exposure
to the enemy and his temptations. Then they will help these brothers
and sisters in Christ to grow towards maturity in their faith. Our
goal is to protect these precious believers who are in isolated areas
where the devil is prowling about looking for souls to devour.

The loss of our kittens reminded me that God loves us beyond measure
and doesn't wish that any of His little ones should perish. We need to
do all that we can to build up His church and to help it to stand
against the schemes of the devil. We need to train pastors that know
how to care for God's sheep.

Please pray with us for the Pastor's Institute and the future pastors
and their wives that we are training. Pray that they will be well
equipped to shepherd the flock that God gives them. Pray that the
church in Congo will be strong and continue to grow.

In Him,

Mike and Jill Lowery