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No permit needed to visit northeast India except Arunachal Pradesh

January 5, 2011 Journal

No permit needed to visit northeast India except Arunachal Pradesh

January 6, 2011

Benjamin Chan

Seventeen years ago when I first visited northeast India, I was stuck at the Guwahati Airport Hotel because the Restricted-Area permit was not provided as expected. Imo Aier, former International Ministries Mission Consultant, helped me handle the situation and arranged Christian leaders of northeast India to meet me at the hotel. Since then although the permit requirement has been waived for the Assam and Meghalaya States, there are still a lot of restrictions visiting the other parts of northeast India. These restrictions have prevented the region to fully develop its infra-structure and economy.

I am very excited to read from the Nagaland Post that it no longer requires a permit to visit Northeast India for a year except Arunachal Pradesh which is neighboring China. ( There are significant implications if the new policy continues. Northeast India will benefit from tourism and visitors from within India and around the world. This change will in turn help a better flow of communication, and the development of industry and infra-structure of the region. The Church will also enjoy much better access and communication with the global Christian community.

We have been waiting for this day of liberation. Thanks to many community and church leaders and friends around the world who work for the peaceful resolutions in the region. Praise God for the change of India under the impact of globalization. Let us pray for the Council of Baptist Churches in North East India and its six member conventions ( that they will have the wisdom from God to handle the change for the fulfillment of God's Kingdom.

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