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The Boys Dorm Opens

December 22, 2010 Journal
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Integrated Ministries for Ethnic Minorities Foundation (IMEMF)

Prayer and Praise for December, 2010


Let me extend to each of you a merry Christmas!  This time of year means lots of special Christmas activities for all of the children at the House of Love (HOL) and House of Blessing (HOB), too.  December 10th will be the IMEMF project Christmas party, and the IMEMF staff plus all of the children from the HOL and HOB plus friends and family will join in a combined celebration at lunchtime.  The different groups are working on special songs and dances, and we are all looking forward to a wonderful afternoon together.  The next day, Dec. 11, the high school students from Grace International School (GIS)will be taking the HOL kids to the zoo for a Christmas outing.  Then, on Dec. 17, the HOB children will go to GIS and the 5th graders will give them a party, complete with crafts, songs, games, cookie decorating and of course, the Christmas story.  This year, Christmas is on a Saturday, and our HOL will be attending an all day program at church.  Please be praying for all of these activities! 


Praise and Prayer Points:

·         As many of you were celebrating the American Thanksgiving, the House of Love and House of Blessing kids were celebrating thanksgiving of a different sort—the official opening of the Boys Dorm/Daycare building.  How good it is to have this phase of the building project finished—and the officials from the Japanese Embassy were very pleased with the celebration.  For a gift, we gave each of the Japanese a Bible in Japanese—please pray they would read and understand God’s Word.

·         The Center for the Development of People with Disabilities (CDPD) grant for its new building was sent to Japan on Nov. 28, and a decision will be made in January.  Countless hours have gone into writing and rewriting this, and we trust that the Japanese government will be able to clearly see the need for this prevocational training center in Mae Sariang.  Besides training, there will also be a small store to sell items made by the CDPD clients.  There will also be rooms for training (both groups like the moms of our children with disabilities as well as government groups).  Finally some space will be given to serving as a resource center (helping with jobs, information, etc.).  We would all appreciate your prayers for favor in the eyes of the Japanese government.

·         Special prayer requestsfor the House of Love, we are looking at new children coming—please pray for wisdom in this process.  I am also seeing a need for more HOL staff—pray for the right person to be able to come alongside the children. 

·         The CDPD will also be enjoying Christmas celebrations this month on Dec. 18th.  I am looking forward to joining in on the special program the children will do. 

·         The Health Project teams are busy making final trips to the villages where they have worked for the past 2 years, collecting final data of this village health project.

·         I would appreciate your prayers for me to clearly hear from God on several issues I am facing.  I want to know what God’s desires are, and do what He directs.  Please also pray my co-director and friend Khun Amnuayporn and I will be seeing things in the same way.  Thank you!

·         Thank you for praying for the time I had during my sister and brother-in-law’s visit.  It was encouraging for me to have them here for 5 days.  Please keep praying for all of my family as we face this first Christmas without my mother.