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We Are Blessed Through Them

November 24, 2010 Journal
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We give thanks to the Creator of the universe for all the blessings we receive every day. One of the programs we have here at Ministries of Faith is a feeding program. This year our feeding program was able to provide meals for 50 – 60 children between the ages of 3-15 years.

Who are the children that we serve? They are kids that live in a poor neighborhood where most of their families do not have an income. Every day these children wait in anticipation for their next meal. They are unsure if their parents will be able to provide any food that day. The children live in mud or wood shacks approximately two miles away from our ministry.

Most of the children’s mothers work washing clothes for people in town, who pay them a minimal amount of money. For example, Doña Reina is the mother of one of these children. Doña Reina goes to a small creek to wash clothes. While her children attend school, She spends most of the morning trying to earn some money in order to buy food for the day. She shared with us that she is trying to save some money in order to finish her house. Imagine how difficult it will be for her to save money with the small amount of daily income!

We would like to thank all our friends and churches that have been supporting our ministry and also the feeding program. Through your prayers and support the children from the feeding program receive a nutritious meal five days a week. Our goal for next year is to increase the number of children to at least one hundred. God is our provider and He will provide the resources necessary for us to continue to be His servants.

God bless you!

Dagoberto and Dilia Zelaya