International Ministries

A Great Day in Henan Province

November 15, 2010 Journal

The Elim Team and I have visited all 21 sponsored orphans whose parents died of AIDS in Xihua county of Henan Province. We visited most of them in where they lived and tried to understand their current situation. Some who lived in the school dormitory met us in the hotel. Those kids whom we visited two years ago were very open to us, and we saw their growth in maturity. However, we were also aware of some who had difficulty expressing their emotion.


This year we made a special request to Amity to take the children out to have a day of activity. With the help of ABC missionary, Judy Sutterlin and two very capable Amity staff members, the activity day turns out to be a fun and relationship building time for all. We visited a historical park and joined the kids in the rides in a children place. We saw them become once again a group of typical kids who played and laughed and enjoyed taking pictures with us and with each other. We thank God for providing this day to heal the wound through knowing that they are loved and valued.


We are able to print and give the kids some pictures we took to remind them of the love across the ocean. We promised the kids that we will pray for them. We will also write to them and will visit them again. We hope that with this encouragement, the kids can struggle through the hardships of life, and even see a higher goal of their future - as one kid said, "Thank you for your support. I want to be a doctor, and I will work hard towards this goal. I will not fail you."



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