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Celebrating a Milestone - 80 Million Bibles Printed

November 10, 2010 Journal

On November 8th we celebrated a milestone: the Amity Printing Company in Nanjing, China has now printed over 80 million Bibles! Since printing its first Bible in November 1981, Amity has grown to be one of the world's largest Bible printing presses. 54 million are Bibles in Chinese and another 26 million are printed for other nations. While touring the press, I saw Bibles printed in English for the Bible Society of Kenya and others printed in Tsonga for the Bible Society of South Africa.


Amity has moved into a new facility with presses able to print one million Bibles per month. At that rate one can expect Amity to reach the milestone of 100 million Bibles soon.


Amity's first priority is printing Bibles for China. It's second priority is printing Bibles at the request of other countries. When there is capacity, it then also prints other kinds of books that it sells commercially and that enable the press to meet its budget. I saw dictionaries and a Chinese translation of Anne of Green Gables being prepared for shipping.


The printing and distributing the Bible in China is truly a work of God.

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