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Final Celebrations as Team Yunnan Heads Home

November 8, 2010 Journal

We finished all the programs in Nanjing. I have a rest day today to see some friends here in Nanjing before I go to Henan to meet with the Elim team to visit the AIDS orphans tomorrow.


We had amazing meetings celebrating the impact of Amity Foundation’s work, including a Government registered "Reborn Garden" - Gospel Drug Rehab Center using solely the power of Christian faith.  We celebrated Amity’s publication of 80 millions Bibles (54,000,000 for China and 26,000,000 for overseas order). The Amity Printing Company has become the largest Bible company in the world, and prints also Christian and other books.


Reid Trulson and Jenny Quey left for Shanghai early this morning to take the flight back to the US.  Alice Hau will go to Hong Kong tomorrow to enjoy the rest of her vacation. Please pray for our safe journey.


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