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Babies, Lights, Goodbye

November 4, 2010 Journal
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Dear Partners in Ministry

Thank you again for being with us here in Thailand, enabling us to share God's love in practical ways in Ban Luang.  This last month has been busy, starting with—

Babies, babies, babies!  This month started with a flood of babies!  Three little ones came into our lives, all cute little girls born to neighbors, colleagues, and Bus’s family—all healthy—and they are now growing fast.  We praise God for the safe arrival of these little ones and for the joy they bring to their families and friends.  Visiting these new arrivals was a lot of fun, and I did the granny thing and insisted on a cuddle with each of the little ones.

Old and New: A trip to Bangkok always adds a little interest, and we were able to catch up with friends as we attended part of the biennial meetings of the Church of Christ in Thailand.  I was also able to catch up with newcomers Dema and Caroline and family.

Let there be light! We had been asked by the local health workers to help an elderly duo (brother and sister) by getting the power connected to their home.  Theirs was the only home in their village without power.   We obtained the help of an electrician and had opportunity to spend time with them and village leaders as we worked on the project.

Larry is teaching again this week after the mid-term school break in October.  He and I will shift things around to cover English instruction after Michael leaves.

All in a days work! I had a big day yesterday, accounting early in the morning beating the deadline for getting end of year accounts into the mission, then off with the home visitation group from the hospital.  We went to visit Bus and his new little sister.  I was anxious to show off how much Bus has improved and how much stronger he is now from being exercised on a regular basis.  I was able to talk with one of the nurses about getting a volunteer program going for him and other disabled kids.

We were also taken to another home where we can give some physical relief to an elderly couple:  Lung Joy, who is blind and practically bedridden, and his wife Pa Pun, who cares for him.  I will go with a team of public health students to give the house a good cleaning next week.

The afternoon was taken up by a farewell ceremony for Michael and Julia and family.  Neighbors and friends came to wish them well, and we had one of the believers conduct a ceremony of blessing.   The blessing ceremony resembles a Northern Thai ceremony but honors Christ as our creator and provider.

Coming and going:  As Michael and Julia prepare to leave us and return home, Anna is preparing to relocate from Chiang Mai.  She has rented a house in one of the outlying villages in our district and has been staying with us while she gets her new home ready.  She has had a string of workers going in over the last few weeks, but today engaged a lady to give the place a good cleaning, so the end is in sight.  Our mission pools furniture, so as Michael and Julia move out we will move their furniture over to Anna’s.  Perfect timing!

We trust that you are seeing God at work in your situation and thank Him for you as you uphold us in prayer here.

In Christ

Jan and Larry
Prayer Points
• For those leaving:  Ben as he finishes teaching the children - Hannah ( student fieldworker) as she goes on to CM and then back home.  Michael, Julia Josiah and Tillie  Praise God for the way they have ministered here blessing folk in Jesus’ name, Pray that they would all settle back home and have a clear sense of God’s leading for the future.
• Praise God for the safe arrival of the little ones, pray that they continue to grow
• Praise God that the rice harvest, though late, is certain.
• Pray that a volunteer program can be started to help Bus and other children with disabilities.
Up and coming events
• Nov 6 - 9, Team meetings in Chiang Mai
• Nov 12, Meeting in Bangkok – Jan
• Nov 24 – Dec 15 Holiday – camping in National parks.