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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

October 16, 2010 News

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”  Pictures and video have the ability to convey the warmth and richness of a culture.  They can also make you aware of the depth of need and magnitude of what others are facing when disaster strikes. 


International Ministries sent a media team to Haiti to capture on videotape, the relief efforts of our missionaries, partners and thousands of volunteers.  Free to download, these five mini-video documentaries are a glimpse into the ministries of the missionary units who brought hope and healing to Haiti following the earthquake.  Go to: and scroll halfway down the page to see all 5 mini-videos PLUS the two longer WMO videos that were sent to your church on DVD.


You’ll hear from medical missionaries, Nancy and Steve James about their efforts to help with limited supplies and unlimited patients, and from Madeline Flores-Lopez who coordinated the hundreds of medical volunteers who flew into the Dominican Republic and traveled overland to Haiti.  Meet our newest missionary in Haiti, Deliris Carrion-Rosa, a pediatric therapist working with children who lost limbs or have difficult physical limitations.  Haitian natives, Ketly & Vital Pierre were in the US and flew to Haiti to use their network of connections to help wherever needed. The most recent video features Nzunga Mabudiga and the work of the eye clinic in Cap Haitien.    


Have you spied the Leader’s Guide in your World Mission Offering box?  It’s got tips for how to organize a successful offering, like setting surprising goal for your church or inviting a mission speaker. The Leader’s Guide will encourage you to be creative and have some fun in your promotion.  There’s a Biblical reflection on the theme and clip art to use on your website or in a newsletter.  It’s packed with five pages of worship hints, including ideas for sermons, children’s stories, music, prayer, a litany and a dedication.  The Leader’s Guide also has the story of Maxine, shown on the WMO poster, and tells why she is smiling. And it reminds you that 100% of your gift supports partners, projects and missionaries in more than 70 countries.  100%!!!! 


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