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The Gift of an Education

September 15, 2010 Journal
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Dear Friends in Christ,

Thank you for the positive way in which you have responded to the “Extra Lift” matching program.  We thank God for you and your caring and sharing heart, and we wanted to let you know how your donations make a difference in the lives of many.

The WellSpring of Faith and Hope School, or “WOFAH” as we affectionately call it, is a community school in one of the poorest compounds in Zambia.  This school currently has 97 children enrolled, 97 children who would not otherwise get an education if not for your generosity of prayers and financial help.  The children range in age from 6 to 18 years of age, but the highest grade at WOFAH is grade 7.  You see, many of the kids are orphans and vulnerable children, some are from dysfunctional families, and all are from poor families.  And although basic education taught in grades 1 to 6 is free, the children’s uniforms, shoes, and school supplies are not.  The distance to the nearest basic education school is too far for most of the kids, and to try and walk the many kilometers without shoes is a real challenge.

Our WOFAH school provides a safe educational environment for the children.  With books that have been donated by our friends at Altrusa International in San Diego and the American International School of Lusaka, we now have a functional library where the children can have fun being part of the DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) program, and just to enjoy imagining their future in this setting.

Children at the WOFAH school are studying for upcoming exams.  In October of this year, 20 7th graders will be taking a Zambia Government Education Department exam that will determine whether they will be admitted into 8th grade, which means we now need to hire another teacher for the new 8th graders!  Our dedicated Christian teachers, who are volunteers from the church, will prepare them, and we’ll pray for the best.  Because Zambia is a Christian nation, Religious Education is compulsory in the public school system, and is also one of the students’ exam areas.  What better gift can you give these children than the Word of God that you have given to them by providing Bibles through your giving.  Over the past three years, they have Come to WOFAH, Grown spiritually and in knowledge, and their lives have been Changed!

Thank you for faithful support and all you do!

Charles and Sarah West

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