International Ministries

Place Where the Ancestors Lived

May 15, 2007 Journal
Dear Friends, We are back this evening from two weekend trips within California. This is a big state and we have logged over 2,000 miles. "Mayumbu" is the name given to the place where the ancestors lived. It is a spiritual place where one can "connect" with the ancestors. I returned to my "mayumbu", and in sense re-connected with my ancestors. One hundred years ago, my ancestors were active in the First Baptist Church of Riverside California. In fact, my great grandmother was a leader in the foreign mission circle of FBC Riverside. It is most amazing that 100 years ago, my ancestors were promoting missions. What an honor it was for me to return to my "mayumbu". If I am a missionary today, it is largely because of the faithfulness of my ancestors, and the church that has nurtured at least four family generations. In Congo, Maternal uncles or "Ngwasi" are very important. A "Ngwasi" has more to say about a child's development than his or her own father. A "Ngwasi" is sort of like a Godfather. My sister Maria has a new baby, so the "Ngwasi" (me) was able to pay a visit. I think the challenge before us in this generation as in all generations is how to pass on our values, our principles, our faith. Will the faith of our fathers still be the faith of our children? Elaina was able to be home for Spring break. She traveled with us this weekend to the LA area. She wanted to meet her new cousin before we dropped her off at Westmont College in Santa Barbara. Thanks for your prayers for our trips and our presentations. Blessings, Glen and Rita