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Funeral arrangements for Iris Morales and update

August 1, 2010 Article


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(Note:  see specifics of the funeral arrangements at the end of this update)

After an 18 hour trip by car from Houston to Phoenix, Mario and Benjamin arrived at their home in the United States. Iris’ sister, Nelsi Jimenez and her husband, Angel, who also live in Phoenix, accompanied them on this trip. Mario Jr. traveled by plane from Houston to Los Angeles. God’s infinite love has strengthened and sustained them. Today they started working on the details for the funeral and memorial services. International Ministries will be in charge of the first worship service and it will be held at Paradise Baptist Church in Los Angeles. This is the church where the Morales began their ministry. This worship service will start at 10:00 AM on Saturday, August 7, 2010. José Norat will lead the service and Reid will be the preacher. This service will be in English. On Sunday, August 8 there will be a worship service in Spanish and this will be held at the church where Mario Jr. serves as pastor. Tomorrow, Mario will let us know the time and the address of the church. The preacher will be Rev. Valdéz, who was the one who married Iris and Mario in Los Angeles. Also, the Morales family will have two memorial services, the first in San Salvador, El Salvador and the second in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Mario hopes to have the dates by next week. We continue praying for this dear family.

The following will be the Funeral and Memorial Services for Missionary Iris Morales:

 Saturday August 7 at 11 am

Funeral Service at Paradise Baptist Church

5100 S Broadway

Los Angeles CA  90037-3837

In 1986, God called Iris and Mario as newlyweds in partnership with Rev, A.D. Anderson and ABC of LA, started the first American Baptist Hispanic Mission within an African-American church ever started in South Central, Los Angeles.


 Sunday August 8th at 4 PM

 Iglesia Bautista Jehovah Yireh

408 S Flower St. Brea, CA 92821.

In 1989, God called Iris and Mario accepted to shepherd the Hispanic Ministry started at Fullerton First Baptist Church by Dr. Emory Campbell and Dr. Jose Arreguin. In 1995 this ministry evolved into the Iglesia Bautista Jehovah Yireh in Brea, California. They shepherd this church until God called them to the mission in Bolivia at the end of 1999.   

 Thursday August 12th 7:30pm                                         

First Baptist Church of Mesa 4801 East Brown Road
Mesa, AZ 85205-4201
(480) 981-9684

 Saturday August 21st

San Salvador, El Salvador Central America


Saturday August 28th

Primera Iglesia Bautista de Cochabamba

Cochabamba, Bolivia South América