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Dwight’s Ordination and 7 Communities You are Helping

July 22, 2010 Journal
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A Time For Everything 

Twenty-eight years ago, upon graduating from seminary, Dwight felt unready to take on the responsibilities of a pastor. Instead he chose to go into secular work and began his search for the work God would have him do. Now after ten years as a missionary, our Chilean friends often ask why he is not ordained.  They tell him that he is doing the work of a pastor among them and that it is time for him to publicly accept the call to ministry that they affirm, and that God has placed in his heart.   After wrestling with the decision over the last year, he also feels that the timing is right to surrender gladly to God's call.   So, on July 13 we began the journey back to the US.   Dwight will be ordained on July 25, at 4 PM, at Grace Baptist Church in Blue Bell, PA.   We are thankful to each of you that has been a part of our lives and ministry over the last ten years.   We want you to know that your encouragement has played an essential role in Dwight's decision to pursue ordination. 

Collaborating with IM/Haiti Advisory Team 

After Dwight's ordination, we will be staying in Pennsylvania for four days.  During these days, Dwight will participate on the IM Haiti Development Advisory Team at IM in Valley Forge, along with missionary colleagues Ray Schellinger, Bruce and Ann Borquist, and Kihomi and Nzunga Mabudinga.  Dwight is delighted to work with these experienced colleagues and offer whatever insight he can from his experiences in economic development and now disaster relief in Chile. 

On the Home Front
Barbara has been holding down the fort and the office at home accompanied always by two faithful companions, Jack and Will.   Writing lessons for the Girls' Clubs, and guiding the developing yarn project keep her busy.   The boys  have just finished their first semester of school and their teachers report that they have both integrated and adjusted very well.   We praise God for his grace that we see daily in our children.  Now they are looking forward to a baseball game and a few days at the shore while in the US.  They have been troopers and we are happy to give them this special treat during their winter vacation.

Seven Communities Helped by OGHS Gifts

To date, through your donations to One Great Hour of Sharing, we have been able to insulate 87 shelters, enlarge 21 shelters, provide 340 food and 45 hygiene kits in 7 communities.  Your gifts have helped 1,726 persons in distress.  This effort continues to dominate Dwight's time, but we feel blessed to be able to provide support for these families in the midst of their sufferings.   We thank you for accompanying us as we accompany them.   May God continue to bring us closer together through the work He has invited us to share 

You Should Know a Pastor Named Lord 

Lord Merino, the pastor of El Salitre Baptist Church in Temuco, is the person making our relief efforts efficient for the people whose lives were devastated by the earthquake and tsunami.  He designed the kits we distribute to provide insulation/siding, and room additions for the emergency houses.

He gets quotes on materials, negotiates discounts and delivery with suppliers, and accompanies Dwight on the trips to assess needs and deliver materials.  He is leading his church in some innovative and authentic endeavors to be the presence of Christ in a marginalized community in Temuco. 

6 Chilean Churches are Ministering to these 7 Communities

The churches in Curico, Talca, Linares, Chillan, Cerro Verde and Concepcion are accompanying the families living in the emergency shelters, "mediaguas," nearby.  This is one of the most gratifying things we are seeing.  We depend on them to help us assess and identify needs.

As we were leaving for the US, a team of twenty people from our churches converged on Chillan to help install insulation, siding, and room additions for eleven families living in mediaguas.

We will be telling you the stories of these churches and the communities they adopted in forthcoming newsletters.


Grace to you, and Shalom, from our Lord Jesus Christ, with thanksgiving for your partnership in the Gospel.


Barb and Dwight Bolick