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Songbooks for the Bible League

June 8, 2010 Journal
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Our son, Taylor, is visiting us in the Congo. He has just finished his undergraduate degree and is working on an internship with a public health organization here. In between his assignments I asked him to help me to finish up a project that I've been working on for the Bible League here in Congo.

The Bible League is sometimes called the Scripture Union in other places. The organization hopes to encourage believers to gain a deeper understanding of the Bible and to apply it to their lives. The League publishes a yearly Bible reader with daily devotions and they encourage local churches to create Bible groups that meet weekly. It's in these weekly meetings that you find Bible believing Christians who have a serious desire to follow Jesus and His teachings.

I agreed to create a songbook for the local Kikongo branch of our Bible League because the book of choruses that they were using was outdated and difficult to find. I figured that anything that I could do to encourage people to know and apply their Bibles is a good thing. So, we chose the best songs out of existing books, re-typed them into booklet form and printed them out. They have been a big success in helping the Bible League members to worship during their weekly meetings. We're now in our second printing!

The effort that Taylor and I put into printing, collating, stapling and shipping is nothing compared to the value of encouraging believers to grow and to become established in their faith. Think about it. How amazing is it that there are Christians in the middle of rural Africa who are taking time out of their day to do devotions and out of their week to meet together to sing and to learn from the Bible. It's almost too good to believe. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is reaching to the ends of the Earth. Let's do all that we can to encourage that and help our brothers and sisters in Christ to grow in a faith that is firmly founded on the Bible.


Mike Lowery
Democratic Republic of Congo