International Ministries

Summer Volunteer Teams

June 30, 2002 Journal

I am so excited that for the first time ever, American Baptists have two volunteer summer teams currently teaching in the four week Amity Summer English Program.Their students are secondary school teachers who give up one month of their summer vacation to study and improve their own oral English skills. Although teams don't have to be regional, this year's teams are.One team is from Massachusetts and the other from the Pacific Southwest.I met the groups at the airport in Beijing, helped one group get to their hotel for the night and learn the ropes for check-in at the airport for their flight to Nanjing the next day and accompanied the other group on the overnight train to Nanjing.After several days of orientation, the groups were off to their teaching sites--one to Fuzhou Institute of Education in the city of Fuzhou and the other to Zhangzhou Teachers College in the city of Zhangzhou, both in Fujian Province.I had the privilege of spending a few days with each group, meeting some of their students and seeing the interaction and the learning in action.What a gift these teams bring, and what a great way for the team members to experience China first hand through her people!Some of the team members are already talking about wanting to come back again and/or encouraging others to come and serve in this way in the future.Do you know anyone who might also be interested in this kind of volunteer mission opportunity?It would really be neat to have some ABC teams involved each year.

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