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May 2010 Guatemala

May 14, 2010 Journal
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May 2010

Dear friends,

Last week I traveled to Guatemala, heart of the Mayan empire, for my first experience of teaching in a “recinto,” one of the 15 theological centers in Latin America contracting with the Universidad Bíblica Latinoamericana.  CEDEPCA (Centro de Estudios Pastorales de Centro América) is an organization in Guatemala City that offers seminary level classes through the UBL, and also focuses on women's studies and ecumenical relationships. 

The system works like this: a month before I arrive, the students receive the module (assignments) and anthology (readings) and meet for 4 Saturdays with the on-site professor. Supposedly they complete all the readings and assignments before I arrive. Then I teach a 40-hour intensive course (8:00-5:00 Monday to Friday) and they have a week to turn in their final project, which they send me by email.

When I met with the on-site prof, his first comment was that the course had left the students in shock. What on earth?  He explained that the readings had made them realize how much needed to be changed in the Christian education programs in their churches. The years of civil war, corruption, poverty, repression, poor school systems . . . had left their toll on the Christians and their communities.

I had 11 students registered for the class, and was a bit taken aback when 17 showed up the first day. They "wanted to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to hear the Catedrática (university professor)."  I hadn't realized I was such a celebrity.  But as I listened to them, I realized how great the need was. They had come specifically to learn how to set up a more effective and transforming educational program in their churches. The group ranged from 27-62 in age, several retired university professors, a number of pastors, a dentist, an electrical engineer, a nurse, a retired Bayer executive.  For a final project they had to devise a plan to implement a Christian education project in their ministry context, taking into account all that they had learned.  

Let me tell you about some of the students:

I am filled with gratitude for this ministry that gives me the opportunity to work together with people in a variety of countries to transform their faith communities, setting forth a vision of God’s work in the world that calls for our participation.

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Together in ministry,

Ruth Mooney