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May 3, 2010 Journal
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“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek”. (Romans 1:16)

The Gospel is and will always be the power of God to change people’s life and the Portuguese-speaking  migrants in the UK is experiencing that.

We received a request for help from a family that was desperately upset, because they were under a strong spiritual oppression.

Jorge and Hermelinda went to visit that family, which was quite sad and fearful. As we were sharing the gospel and showing that Jesus was the only one who could save them and free them of oppression.
We felt the power of God moving in that room. The father of the family who claimed not to believe in spiritual things seemed so tough, materialistic, but as the word was at work, he suddenly opened his  heart before the power of God and accepted the prayer of deliverance and we love and mercy of God once again being poured on a family in such a great spiritual need.
After a week, all the family attended one of our meetings in the church. It was a great testimony to the community who knew the man and knew how much he was materialistic. He was known to the community as one of the first immigrants to arrive, was a man of business and a very influential person.

At the end of the meeting, the family invited us to visit them again because they still wanted us to pray for their home. We will continue to follow up this family. They have not yet completely surrendered to Jesus, but there is great interest in getting to know the Lord, so we will be investing with prayers and Bible studies.

At the moment this family has come and shortly we expect them to grow and change.

 In another town, about 110 miles from where we live, another group of Portuguese speaking immigrants, knowing the work we do in amongst immigrants in the UK, has also invited us to start teaching the bible to them. In January we began to visit them and we have a group of 15 people adults and ten children. They all come from a different background, some of them had gone stray from the faith and others had never got to know Jesus before. We are going to keep you in touch about this group in our next Journal


For wisdom and grace, so we may be able to see the opportunities and seize them

For more workers. We need people that will feel called by God to reach out to the


For the release of finances. We need more people involved in our MPN

For our family. Especially for Vinicius (13) and Isabelle (12) as they enter their teen age.

In Christ,

Jorge and Hermelinda Damasceno

IM missionaries in the UK