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November 7, 2005 Journal
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Jan Grogan, one of our Discovery Team members, shared with us some of her experiences this past summer, while building Deborah's House:

The story continues, as Monday morning dawns and we prepare to begin work on the site of the future Deborah House, Casa Debora. All of us are awake so early because our bodies are on Eastern and Central Standard time, so being ready is not a problem. Loading all the tools and equipment, water, Gatorade, lunches and the personal things everyone needs to be out in the sun all day is our first job. Everything of value is stored in the church and taken to the site each day. It is about a half-hour van and truck trip in the morning traffic, with a stop at the lumberyard to make some final arrangements for supplies.

A piece of hillside land on the edge of the city has been given to the ministry by the Baptist Baja Region in Mexico. The site of the building had been leveled andWork site 28 square holes for the foundation dug by machinery before we arrived. The foreman was ready for us, and he explained that we needed a trench 12 inches deep and 8 inches wide to hold reinforced concrete between each 2 meter square hole. The holes would hold the cement pillars to support the concrete slab and become the foundation of the building. With picks, shovels, bars and wheel- barrows we went at it and made good progress making trenches on the foreman's chalk marks. Just when we were getting pretty tired, a crew of workmen arrived to dig, and we were shown the skills needed to cut rebar, measure and cut heavy reinforcement wire, and straighten the curved wire so that it could be formed into various sized rectangles to be wired to rebar and make the support pieces. So began our week's work, and it felt good to be straining our muscles, and pushing our endurance.

Lunch time was a welcome break. As you can see in the photo, there was no shade and the sun was so bright and warm. The actual temperature was great Breaktime in the Tijuana sun.(80's) but we found the little strip of shade by the church a perfect place to rest. We learned that in Tijuana the sun is so nearly directly overhead that buildings don't have much of a shady side. Coolers that held our personalized sandwiches made by each of us at the church before breakfast, fruit, chips, cookies and drinks were just what we needed.

Back to work for a short afternoon, then the tedious job of loading all the stuff into the truck for the trip back to the church and beckoning showers. Dinner was prepared by several of the women who are part of the Casa Debora ministry and they filled our plates with a different Mexican specialty each day.

It was pointed out to us by someone in the group that night, that this day was really what it means to "Love the Lord with all your mind and soul and strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself."

Through these continuing messages, it is hoped that you will feel a part of this ministry that is so close to the heart of our missionaries, Ray and Adalia Schellinger-Gutierrez, and now to this Discovery Team.

Jan Grogan, MABC participant