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Redeeming Lives One at a Time

September 22, 2005 Journal
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Tijuana, the fastest growing city in Mexico, now has 2.5 million people, seeking a better life and employment at the US border. Families are in crisis, with so many leaving the roots of their homeland and family ties. Tijuana has a very high rate of spousal violence: 80% of the women experience some kind of abuse in their relationships.

The vision of a group of Baptist women in Tijuana, Mexico, has become a reality this summer as mission work teams from American Baptist Churches have begun to build the safe house, Deborah's House, a refuge for women who have been living in abuse and violence. The foundation, walls, porch, and electrical work are completed, and work continues, in hopes that we will move in by December.

Our ministry to the Baptist churches in Tijuana has included leading workshops on violence and abuse, counseling both women and men who want to break the cycle, and responding to crisis situations. We knew we needed a safe house for these families, and one of the members from our Board of Directors offered her two-bedroom house rent-free, until Deborah's House is ready.

One of the women (and her four children) who live at our safe house, heard about our ministry from friends. She went to find help at Emanuel Baptist Church, where we have the Deborah House office. She took her four boys, ages 1, 3, 4, and 9, and walked for two days through the city, spending the night huddled in an alleyway with her boys. A taxi driver helped her find the church, even though she had no money to pay him. When she arrived she was covered with injuries and bruises, and still feels terrified of leaving the house. We ask for your prayers so that she may regain confidence, and might re-build her life.

Adalia uses her medical training to minister to the women and children, giving frequent medical check-ups and teaching the mothers how to give the medicine.

Deborah´s ministry is about redemption, redeeming lives that are lost in violence and abuse, redeeming people through the power of Jesus Christ and His love for them.

Pray also for the completion of Deborah's House, and for God's love to shine through to all of the women and children who enter.