International Ministries

Relief Team and Supply Reaching the Earthquake Area in China

April 15, 2010 Journal
Ms. Hongyu She, Amity’s Assistant General Secretary and Overseas Liason, shared an update of Mr. Wen He reaching the earthquake area, and relief supply on the way.

“After 17 hours of traveling, Amity Yu Shu Rescue team finally arrived at Gyegu Township, the seat of Yushu County Government at 6:00 am on April 16. (China time) On the way, the team crossed over Mount He Ka of 4,000 meters altitude. Temperature decreases as the jeep went higher. Water frozen in the vast land with the lowest temperature being -10 Celsius. The high altitude showed what it meant to the rescue team.  A gesture as simple as bending over makes colleagues feels their bodies.

Upon arriving in Gyegu, the team went to the temporary settling place turned from a horse racing stadium. Mr. Wen He , Assistant General Secretary of Amity reported that several thousands of survivors from over one thousand families settle down in the makeshift settlement. From conversation with the survivors, they understood that the relief materials are still in great need. 30% of the survivors received tents while others are waiting for more to be transported. Many shared quilts and had a sleepless night outdoor in the freezing cold and windy night.

Apart from tents, instant noodles are among the short stock list. Back on April 14, most survivors only had one meal of instant food. One family with new born baby is also staying in the tent eager for more food for the nursing mother.

In Xining, after a full night hard work of purchasing and loading, early this morning at 5:00 am, the team in Xining has managed to load

- 480 quilts;

- 850 boxes of instant noodles;

- 350 cartons of mineral water

The relief goods are expected to be in Gyegu after ten some hours surface travel.

Meanwhile, Amity's appeal has been largely echoed by our international supporters and friends, among whom,

American Baptist Church US $5,000

United Church of Christ   US $ 10,000

On behalf of the victims, survivors and their families, we'd like to give greatest appreciations to the organizations mentioned above and hope more organizations and friends will join hands with Amity in this struggle with the strong wind, high altitude and aftershocks.”

You can support the relief work by sending a check to International Ministries, P.O. Box 851, Valley Forge, PA 19482-0851. The check should be made payable to “International Ministries”, and marks “China Earthquake”. Support can also be given by American Baptists through their church by making checks payable to the church with “One Great Hour of Sharing – China Earthquake Relief” written in the memo section.  These gifts will be sent from the church through the American Baptist region and then to International Ministries.