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March 6 - A Plane, a Truck and a Boat

April 13, 2010 Journal
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March 6

Dear Friends,
       We had a plane yesterday, first in about 2 weeks.  A truck came yesterday with some of our supplies.  We have not had a truck in about two months, and we hope to have the boat return from the bridge today.  

       Work on the main road is both good and bad for us.  Good, because it helps the infrastructure of the country.  Trucks are collecting produce from areas along the road and supplying Kinshasa.  Since we are off the beaten track, trucks do not have much incentive to come all the way into Kikongo.  Corn is the main cash crop in this area.  The Chinese are now growing corn near the Capitol, and the price of corn has dropped, so it is hardly worth it for the  men in this area to plant corn.  
       MAF has less flights, because people can now take the bus to go East.  Kikongo is on the flight path for destinations East.  Kikongo benefits when there are passengers going on to other places.  Kikongo passengers do not normally occupy all five seats, but we benefit when we can grab one or two seats on a plane heading inland.  Since there are fewer passengers heading East, there are fewer flights.  
       Other places have access to the cell phone towers.  We at Kikongo are still out of cell phone range.  So for a number of reasons, as the infrastructure improves in the country as a whole, we are somewhat left behind.   The isolation is bad economically, but it is often nice to be calm and isolated.  
        Monday is International women's day.  I have been invited to go to Fatundu our main town to project about HIV/AIDS.  I am not sure how I am going to get there though.  If the boat gets here today, I will leave tomorrow on the river.  I hesitate to go by air, because the crowd was large and undisciplined last time I landed there.  It is sure convenient not to have to haul the video equipment up and down the hills though.  

        Rita had her largest women's group ever on Thursday.  She went over 100 for the first time ! She is sure doing something right.  Here at Kikongo on Women's day, Rita is organizing a parade, and a seminar.  

        Rita and the Otter seem to be getting world wide attention.  This is a very rare otter she is raising, and the special otter formula hasn't arrived yet, so Rita is raising this pup just on her own experience.  After three weeks, he still has not opened his eyes.  It is like having a newborn baby around with the nightly feedings.  

       Thanks for your prayers for our various projects.

                                                                  Glen and Rita