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Chilean Baptists and IM Put in Motion Relief for Tsunami/Earthquake Victims

April 12, 2010 Journal
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In Chile, we're mobilizing emergency food kits (staple food items for 2 weeks for families) for delivery to Cerro Verde and areas affected by the tsunami. We're modeling them on the CWS food kits, buying in bulk locally to economize. Going to Cerro Verde on Thursday to take first lot of food kits and survey where we'll build two mediaguas. This is just for starters.

The cost of each food kit: $30

The cost of one mediagua: $1,600

The government is starting to build mediaguas, but many will miss out on them because of bureacracy, and the basic model offered is barely sufficient to protect against the Chilean winter. We are working with the convention, coordinating and planning the relief and reconstruction efforts that we can accomplish with the funds available.

You can designate your donation to Chile Earthquake/Tsunami Relief to purchase a Food Kit or a Mediagua.  Chile is not in the news anymore, but the needs for food security and emergency housing remain great.