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Breaking The Chains of Prostitution

April 7, 2010 Journal
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Dear friends,

I first met Joyce (not her real name) about a year ago.  She spoke to our Bible study ladies about the life she used to lead.  Joyce talked about how she used her body to manipulate people, how she used her body to buy drugs, beer and even food.  Joyce used to be a sex worker in the Copperbelt region of Zambia.
Joyce talked about how she and her girl friends would meet the men and how many partners they would have in one day. It wasn’t an exciting life, nor was it an easy one, but it put food on the table, it was a job.
She told us how she killed her baby, smothered the child with a pillow, because she couldn’t be bothered with taking care of an infant.  Although she spoke English very well, she spoke in her native language which allowed the ladies to hear and understand everything she said.  Nothing was lost in translation except for me, who had an interpreter nearby but I could still understand bits and pieces of the language, especially as it was punctuated with English words.  Every now and then the women would laugh, partially out of nervousness, partially because she had a way of telling her story that made the women feel comfortable and relate to what she was saying.  After all, she shared lots of intimate information that made us all blush!
She told us about how, even after she had a “husband”, she continued in the lifestyle of sex working.  When a “john” would call, she would drug her “husband” so that he would sleep heavily and Joyce could make a few Kwacha, the currency of Zambia, even from her own house in an adjoining room.  People in the compound would tell her “husband” that she was unfaithful, but he didn’t believe them, she had him totally convinced.
She talked about how she had some kind of “voodoo” that would attract men to her, and she knew exactly who would be “following” her home.
The dysfunctional existence of drugs and prostitution was a daily occurrence for Joyce and her friends.  She told us she was the only one alive of her cluster and she knew there was a reason for that.
Romans 1:28 tells us that “Furthermore, since they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, he gave them over to a depraved mind, to do what ought not to be done. Romans further tells us, Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.  I missed this part in the translation, but at some point in her life, someone introduced Joyce to Jesus.  Joyce called on the name of the Lord and Christ broke the chains of prostitution, drugs, infidelity and death!
I don’t know Joyce’s whole story- how she started on this journey of selling her body for food and drugs, but I do know that when Joyce met Jesus her whole life changed.  She now devotes her life to talking to other women who are caught up in this lifestyle, willingly or unwillingly.  Her powerful message is a testimony to how Jesus can break the chains of spiritual poverty and bring healing and wholeness to a life formerly given over to certain death.
As we minister to men and women in abject poverty, we tell some and remind others of the saving grace of Jesus and how just knowing Him brings you out of a life of spiritual, physical and emotional poverty.
Thank you for your partnership of support, encouragement, prayers and funds.  We couldn't do what we do, if you didn't do what you do!
In His Service,

Sarah West
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