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Judy’s New Address

April 1, 2010 Journal
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No, I haven't moved again.  I am still living and teaching at the seminary in Nanjing.  Last year when we moved to our new campus, most of us were still receiving our mail at the old address.  However, the seminary is making plans for the eventual renting out of the old campus.  Therefore, from this point on please use the new address which I have put into an image file in the "photo" window attached to this message.   

It is best to use both the English and the Chinese characters when sending mail.  I believe the image file will help you do that because you don't need Chinese fonts for your computer to be able to "read" the image.  I think you can copy the image, paste it into a word file and print it out from there.  Once you have it pasted or inserted into a word file on your computer, you should be able to click on it and make it smaller or larger as needed. Send me an e-mail if you encounter any difficulties with using the image file.  (