International Ministries

Immediate relief continues in Chile

March 25, 2010 Journal
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Dwight went to Concepcion and Cerro Verde with two pastors from the southern district, Lord Merino and Tomas Vivanco. They will be bringing teams from here to help people demolish their houses and salvage materials. One short-term plan is to bring teams to make improvements on the temporary shelters the government will be supplying (they are called "mediaguas")to protect against the coming cold and rains. We may also build some mediaguas ourselves.
Immediate relief will continue with what the chilean churches started. We will assemble and distribute food and hygiene kits to address the most basic needs of those who lost jobs. The tsunamai wiped out the fishing processing businesses. This is what we are beginning to do with OGHS funds.

The government is about to announce their plan to address the housing needs of over 250,000 families.  It will probably include mediaguas and subsidized new housing.  We will be looking for the way to help the most neglected people. 
Tomorrow I am going with the convention president to assess the damages to the churches and pastors' homes in Chillan, Curico and Talca.
Please pray for us.