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Message of hope from Haiti Baptist Convention

March 4, 2010 Journal

Dear partners in Christ,

From the mountainous country of Haiti I am bringing good news to you. It may appear surprising for some to expect good news this soon from this part of the world. But yes, there is good news. A young lady named Wilmine Felizor has confessed Jesus Christ as her Savior in my office while I shared with her about God’s compassionate love for us all. All the glory be to God!

Wilmine Felizor, 22 years old, is a survivor to the earthquake of January 12th, 2010. She flew from the capital to the North where she assisted her mother who was evacuated to the State Hospital of Cap-Haitian. She was desperate about her future when somebody told her about the Haiti Baptist Convention. She came to me and shared her concerns and her desire to go back to school. I listened to her and I assured her that we may be able somehow to help her going back to school. Now Wilmine Felizor is admitted at the Simone de Beauvoir High School in Cap-Haitian. She is dreaming a bright future; she wants to become a medical doctor. Her father died years ago and she is living with her mother along with three other sisters. We praise the Lord for her decision to confess Christ as Savior and for her great vision for a better future.

Wilmine Felizor is just one out of the many survivors that we were able to help, thanks to your sustained and faithful support to our ministry.   As the body of Christ, our first interventions went to people, pastors, church members, and families [believers and non-believers alike] who where in desperate need for: food, water, shelter, medication, transportation, and other vital assistance to keep them safe, both physically and emotionally.

The Haiti Baptist Convention is very grateful to God and to you for this significant financial support to our ministry at this very time of adversity. We know that we are accountable both to God and to you for honesty and clarity in whatever we are doing by using your precious gift of love to us. Through our faithful partnership with you, we are looking ahead for long-term interventions and actions that will enable people to rebuild their lives and their communities. May God bless you all and may God bless your worldwide ministry.

For the Haiti Baptist Convention

Emmanuel Pierre

General Secretary

Haitian Baptist Convention