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February Prayer and Praise

February 8, 2010 Journal
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Martins’ Prayer and Praise
February 2010

Dear Partners in Ministry:
Greetings from Thailand. We are currently
hosting a team of six. English events, Thai
lessons, medical consultations, cooking
lessons, packing, and washing curtains are all
contributing to a fun, meaningful time. Chaos
no, busy yes!

Up, Up and Away
We are leaving for a short home assignment in
Queensland, and Inn is stepping up to teach
Bua Gaow and Yot in our absence. We are
excited about the way Inn is not only happy to
do this but more than capable, as well. Larry
has been working on lesson plan outlines, and
Michael will provide encouragement and

English is Us.
The team we have with us is doing English
events in three schools. A big thanks to all the
teams we have had in the past two months. We
have been able to give all eight of the primary
schools in our area a special event, and
everyone has had a lot of fun. Also, a big
thanks to Taryn, who leaves this week. Taryn
has faithfully done a phonetics programme in
two schools over the past months as well as
helping home school the Smiths’ children and
getting involved in other activities.

Free consultations.
This current team has a doctor who specializes
in nutrition, and she has been giving
consultations to Inn and Bus, trying to see if
they can’t bulk up a bit. Inn weighs in at 45
lbs, and Bus, who is 4½, weighs only 20.

Therapy continues.
Last week Jan drove the three kids with
disabilities and their moms to Nan to see
therapists—a fun but busy morning. Julia was
able to meet us there, and it was good to see all
three mothers getting new tips from the
therapists there. We would like to get the kids
and their moms to town like this every three or
four weeks. Julia will be working with the
mothers on this and continuing home visits
while we are away.

Dream on!
Inn has been encouraged by Christ through
dreams. Recently she dreamt that she was out with
friends and she got separated from them. Then she
was walking with a man in white who showed her
many rooms filled with people and things one
needs for life. Every room had lots of stuff.
Eventually she was shown an unoccupied room
that had white covers on all the stuff. It was her
room. She woke up excited that she had been
shown a glimpse of heaven and was encouraged
not only by all the stuff, but by the fact that she
was walking and healthy.
We pray that you are encouraged by God in a way
that really speaks to your heartfelt needs at this
time. We hope to speak with many of you
personally to thank you for your partnership in
ministry. In case we are unable to do that in
person, we want to say thank you now. Without
your financial and prayer support we wouldn’t be
able to do the things we do to extend God’s grace
and mercy to the people here.
Larry and Jan

Prayer points:
• Pray for Michael and Julia, Josiah and
Tillie, giving thanks for their willingness to
stand in the gap and asking God to give
them peace, strength and wisdom.
• Pray for Inn, giving thanks for her ability
and willingness. Pray for good health for
her and an ability to share what she knows
about Jesus with others.
• Pray for Bua Goa and Yot, that they
will continue to grow in Christ.
• Pray for the fellowship in Ban Sra
under Muana and Villy’s leading.
Pray that the emerging leaders will
develop in their abilities to teach.
• Pray for us as we visit churches and
try to meet our new support figure.

Up and coming Dates.
• February 7-9 meetings in Chiang
• February 11-28 vacation
• March 2 home assignment starts
in earnest