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January 18, 2010 Journal
Dear Jose,

 We do have Northern Christian Haiti University students from Port au prince, most of them in our Masters program and a special Bachelor program for professionals.  I cannot come up with a number yet, I will have to see the registrar.  The only faculty member we have from Port au Prince is teaching in the Masters program, so far we cannot get in contact with him.  Most of the students from Port are theology students.  I did mention that one of them had lost his house and a daughter that died, another student has three family members that died, we are still waiting to hear more bad news regarding students relatives that were victims from that killer quake.

 Yes we did feel the earthquake and some of the aftershocks at the University, our women's dorm has at least three cracks.  The earthquake cut me in my office and I did stay still to wait for it to stop. 

Our second semester will start in February and we have not decide yet what we are going to do.

 Tomorrow, Dr. Steve James (IM missionary), Dr. Arch a friend of Doctor Steve from North Carolina who are here for three weeks and Emmanuel Pierre the general secretary of the Baptist Convention will be heading to Port au prince to assess the situation and to find out about the CBH pastors there. We heard rumors that one of them died the one who is the University representative in Port au prince. We are still waiting after the visit of Past. Manno to confirm that sad news.

 We are praying to seek God's direction before we begin our action.  We believe that we can act also as a relay station to channel help to the survivors of the quake.

 We do understand that it will take years before the situation become normal in Haiti and we will certainly do our part in helping the needy and also the rebuilding of Port au prince and the country in general.

We are so far grateful for the twelve nations who already send rescue teams, doctors, medicine and other help.  We thank God for the swift response of those countries and especially the USA.

Please keep Haiti and keep the University in your prayers.


Jules Casseus

Rector, Northern Christian Haiti University