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Today’s news from the Haitian Baptist Convention

January 18, 2010 Journal

Dear partners in Christ,

We, as the Haiti Baptist Convention, are back to you with facts from first hand observation. We have had a two days mission trip to the capital of Haiti, Port-au-Prince, Friday January the 15th and Saturday January the 16th with two teams: the first one composed of Rev. Ludner Cardichon (president), Rev. Emmanuel Pierre (general secretary), Rev. Joel Dorsinville (advisor/consultant), Rev. Jethro Souffrant [chaplain to the hospital], and two volunteers from UK working with the Hospital of Quartier-Morin; and the second team composed of two medical doctors [Steeves James and His friend], an assistant Nurse, and other folks from our community.

Our aim was mainly to evaluate the situation, to give first aid to people as possible we could, to rescue some young people from the capital. We can now tell you that the situation is worse than what you have seen on TV. It was a very heartfelt and yet very perilous trip. We came difficulty to gather those facts and pictures we are sending to you:

1.       The center of the capital where were located the government is totally destroyed [ the national palace, the parliament, the State Finance office, the State office for taxes, the telecommunication  services, the water distribution service, the postal office, the police headquarters, etc. So now the  government is totally disarmed, incapable to intervene

2.       The largest agglomerations that form the capital [Carrefour, Canape Vert, Pacot, Delmas, Tabarre, Santo, Petion-ville] are severely destroyed. Now survivors are laying on the streets waiting for help. Some get stuck in the bus stations waiting an occasion to flee to provinces, but there is no bus, because no gas at the gas stations.

3.       The Haiti Baptist Convention is grieving the lost of many of its members throughout the country. In the capital, we have lost: Rev. Bienne Lamerique  died under his collapsed house,  leaving behind wife and three children [16, 13, and 11 years old]; Rev. Venel Dessiere died under his house, leaving behind wife and four children [17, 13, 10, 7 years old].

Many others members of different families are wounded. Pastor Dorsinville has lost one of his cousins died at Canape Vert. In Pastor Dorsinville’s church, one of the most dedicated woman leaders, Mrs. Dessalines Paul, has lost his husband died in the capital. Rev Christian Toussaint [Martissant Bapist church] has lost a niece; Pastor Cardichon’s house is getting damaged, Pastor Manno’s brother who living in Santo, Port-au-Prince, has had his house destroyed. Rev. Judson Beaubrun has had part of his house collapsed. Rev. Charles Romain has had his house totally destroyed.

And it will take us more time to have a final survey of other casualties from each individual church disseminated throughout the country. We are waiting report from other severely affected cities, namely Petit-Goave, Grand-Goave, Leogane, Carrefour, Martissant, etc.

Dear partners in Christ, at this point, we surely need your support in prayers. In addition we expect you could join your efforts to ours to helping us:

1)      Providing first aid to survivors and displaced persons [shelter, food, healthcare, clothes]

2)      Organizing other missions trip to rescue other people getting stuck in Capital

3)      Organizing memorial services for ministers died and lost under collapsed houses

4)      Assisting widows and orphans  helping  them rebuilding their lives through spiritual guidance, counseling assistance, education, and continuing healthcare

5)      Relocating University students from the Capital to other campuses by allocation  of scholarships

6)      Helping, in the long term, communities and congregations rebuild homes and churches destroyed.

A relief plan with estimated figures will follow this report. We, as a Body church, are open to meet your representative, to give conference, interview, to share thoughts and insights; we are also ready to cooperate with volunteers or experts in disaster management, who might, for a little while, work with us, to help rebuild lives and communities. We are proud to have you as our partners in Christ in such a time of trial for our nation.

Yours in Christ’s mission,

For the Executive Committee

Rev Joel Dorsinville

Advisor / Consultant