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Important update from Haitian Baptist Convention

January 15, 2010 Journal

Thank you for your aid. The situation is really difficult now in Port au Prince. But, we also have the internal refugees to consider. Even a lot of organizations are trying to help in Port au Prince, many people keep moving to the regional cities or the villages where they have relatives. Our anxiety is the possibility that the international organizations are forgetting those people. They are internal refugees. They move with their health problems. According to what I hear in the Medias, there is not now any help for those people.

In Haitian Baptist Convention, not only we are focusing on the people in Port au Prince, but also we have a network pastors and Christian leaders all over the country so that we can help those people where they are.

Even our hospital is not finished yet, the Regional Public Health Director asks us to open its doors to receive a part of those people who shall come in Cap-Haitien. Now everything is in place to receive them.

the Regional Public Health Director will provide physicians, nurses and some meds. But Haitian Baptist Convention is in charge to give food, drinks and other meds, to provide all accomodation (electricity, water, beds, sheets, staff for cleaning). We shall need much money to help the internal refugees in different parts of the country.

We can buy food and other materials in Cap-Haitien or in Dominican Republic to help those people.

Pastors Emmanuel, Dorsinvil, Paul Hill and Carwyn are now in Port au prince. They are visiting some survivors - brothers and sisters- from our churches, encouraging those whose parents, children, husbands, wives died in the disaster, giving a hopfful word to the homeless. They are also preparing an assessment of the situation. On their way to the Capital, they stopped at Montrouis to give first aid to some victims that have moved to there. HBC has a church there.
Yesterday, by 6:00 P.M., the Rev Cardichon and four other pastors have burried the body of Pastor LAMERIQUE without coffin. For, the body was spoiling. Pastor Amos Gabeau and Dr Charles Poisset Romain are well.

Another young pastor from our Convention died, as well. His body is still under the trash. Pastor Cardichon told me that they will try to take it out yhis afternoon.
Keep praying and supporting us.

Pastor Gedeon EUGENE
VP of Haitian Baptist Convention