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Pastor Biene LAMERIQUE dies in earthquake

January 14, 2010 Journal
Unfortunately one of our best pastors in Port oa Prince has been killed by the earthquake. His name is Pastor Biene LAMERIQUE. The pastors I could contact told me that some people from our churches died, as well. He is still under trash.
A lot of church members are now homeless. They spend night in the streets. They are starving. The pastors want us to come very quickly. They gave a list things they urgently need.
We had the meeting this morning. Myself, pastor Emmanuel and other people were there. We decided to use our nice Hospital ambulance as transportation. According to requirements of the pastors I have contacted : the team will bring : water, soda, cassava, bread, peanut butter, kandies(cake), first aid meds. You can image their urgent need. They can not cook, they are thirsty, they are injured, etc. The children and old persons are more fragile.
Because the places in ambulance will used to transport the food and meds, the team has to be small. They are four : pastor Emmanuel, pastor Paul Hill (English Missionnary), pastor Jethro and Carwyn (the driver). Theam will leave tomorrow morning at 5:00 A.M.
So, I'll stay in Cap-Haitien to maintain the contacts.
As well, pastor Emmanuel will be in charge to prepare an assessment of the situation.
Another update is : a part of the first Baptist church of Port au Prince has been damaged. We are really anxious about pastors Amos Gabeau and Charles Poisset Romain. For, they are old. I hope today we can have news about them.
Keep praying for us.
Pastor Gedeon