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Haiti Earthquake

January 11, 2010 News
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A news update and prayer request from Steve and Nancy James. 

Late this afternoon, January 12th, an earthquake of 7.3 magnitude hit just west of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. There has been much damage and death. The James' aredriving back to Florida from North Carolina and plan to be on the Missionary Flights International plane into Haiti on Thursday.  They will be accessing the situation and seeing where they can help.
Steve and Nancy spoke with Arch Woodard, a close friend and doctor from North Carolina who is living in their house in Haiti while they are in the states.  Arch felt the tremor but does not have any report of damage in the Limbe area at this time. Arch's location is more than 100 miles north of the epicenter

Kihomi Nguime and Nzunga Mabudiga, missionaries in Haiti are in the states at this time on their Home assignment.

Please pray for the people in Haiti and the help that is needed..