International Ministries

Dominican Republic Mission Team of New York

January 6, 2010 Journal
     In February 2009, Wayne Schultz of First Baptist Church of Williamson, NY led a team of 11 on a one week mission trip to San Cristobal in the Dominican Republic.  The ministry included conducting a daily children’s bible school, construction work on a teacher’s assistant’s new home located near the school, and cementing a sister church relationship with a `Dominican congregation.

     Wayne saw God at work through the hard work of missionary Madeline Flores, a true servant of God, who inspires short-term mission team members and community members who work with her daily to follow her lead.  Wayne could see that the Christian community in the Dominican Republic is open to God’s leading and willing to offer help to others in spite of their poverty.  The love of God shown by our missionary Madeline Flores and members of Iglesia Bautista El Redil was an inspiration to Wayne.  Wayne was surprised by the rapid growth of the Baptist congregation there and the openness of the Dominican people. 

     The language barrier was the biggest challenge, but Wayne felt that the language barrier helped build other communication skills. 

    Wayne and team have been back for some time now.  They have given talks in several local churches and have invited the Association to join them on future trips.  They currently have a return trip planned for April 2010 with 10 team members 14 to 73 years old.