International Ministries

Nicaragua Team of Huntington West Virginia

January 5, 2010 Journal
     Ann Fiery from Fifth Avenue Baptist Church and 11 others went on a mission trip to Managua, Nicaragua, on December 12 for a week which was Ann’s 20th trip to Nicaragua.  The team enjoyed the mission trip so much that they felt they could be there much longer than a week to build relationships with the people of Nicaragua.

      The team ‘took Christmas’ to the people of Managua.  Their children’s ministry included spending days with children in an orphanage, doing arts and crafts and sponsoring a Christmas party for the orphans, serving lunch to 100 children in a local church’s feeding center, and taking with them money and gifts for pediatric patients at a public national pediatric hospital.  Their ministry to the poor was through a visit to the City Dump of Managua, the building of a house for a family, the rewiring of electric lines in a home, the distribution of foodstuff including beans, rice, oil, and sugar to the poorest families in a rural area.     

      The spiritual growth of team members during the trip, the bond with the people of Nicaragua, the welcome, openness, smiles and hugs told them that God was at work in the trip.  Ann had been inspired by the people and their faith which had her determined to live life differently every day.   

       The team will get together for a wrap up time and Fifth Avenue Baptist Church is already planning for the next trips which will include a medical mission trip and a family trip.