International Ministries

Baptist Churches of Puerto Rico Surpass 2009 WMO Goal

January 5, 2010 Journal
The Baptist Churches of Puerto Rico have exceeded their WMO goal for 2009 by more than $20,000.00 so far. Their goal was $160,000.00 and so far, they have received $186,000.00. It is interesting that this has happened when the Governor of Puerto Rico laid off 30,000 government employees last year and unemployment is at 18%. What has taken place with the WMO in Puerto Rico assures that Deliris Carrión, Ricardo and Doris Mayol, Madeline Flores, Carlos Bonilla, Mayra Giovanetti, Mercy Barnes, and Ingrid Roldán will have at least $20,000.00 each toward their MPT goal. Likewise the United Fund of the Baptist Churches of Puerto Rico increased too.