International Ministries

El Salvador Mission Team of Cedar Hills Baptist Church Portland Oregon

December 10, 2009 Journal
     In November, Phil McDaniel of Cedar Hills Baptist Church, Portland, Oregon, led a team of five to Santa Ana, El Salvador.  Their host missionary organization was Iglesia Bautista Shekina in Santa Ana.

     The medical mission held two free medical clinics in the poor outskirts of Santa Ana for four and three days respectively.  They had the blessing of City Hall and the help of several Salvadoran doctors.  They were able to see more than a thousand patients and extracted about 100 teeth in all.  One member of the team was into pest control of cockroaches, rats and mice in nearby houses.

   He was disturbed by the poverty and gang problems in El Salvador and the most challenging part of leading this trip was in the supply of medications used up at a much faster rate than anticipated.

   Phil saw God at work in the community when City Hall, Shekina Church, Salvadoran doctors, organizers in the local community, their own team and the patients worked together very well.  He was surprised at the participation of Salvadoran doctors.  He saw God at work within his own team as members displayed patience, teamwork, and humility.  He was inspired by Pastor Alex Orantes' ongoing work on behalf of the poor in spite of his own very serious health problems.

   The biggest blessing of leading this trip was to work with team members and to visit members of Shekina Church.  Now that they’re at home, the team plans to give a brief summary and show photos at church.  His pastor and family had already made plans to visit their Shekina sister church in 2010.