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Oct-Nov Prayer and Praise

November 17, 2009 Journal
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Dear Partners in Ministry,
Vacation?  Yes, our travels were great but seem somewhat distant now. We camped in the rain, saw lots of birds, warded off leeches, and saw a wild elephant in the bush—a first!  We came back happy and ready to go again. 
And we have been going and coming ever since.
More Firsts  
Just before we left we decided with Muana and Villy that we should have a church camp. After looking at different factors, including farming and teaching schedules, we decided that right after we got back would be an opportune time.  It was one of the fastest organized events in history, and it worked out really well.  We took folk from both areas and headed for Chiang Mai for our first church camp. Our friend Tom was the main speaker and we were the tour guides.  It was the first time for many to go to Chiang Mai, and the zoo was a big hit.  There were many firsts—first time for some to hear about having a relationship with God, first time for some to hear the Gospel in unaccented northern Thai, first for all to go to a church camp.
Inn loved it! We hauled her wheel chair around, and carried it and her up stairs. We got so excited about showing her stuff that she got wheel chair sick and had to sit still and take motion sickness tablets.  I think that was a first too!
Tom spoke on our relationship-with God, our families, other believers, and our communities.  It was really good and got some worthwhile ongoing discussions in motion as we thought about our relationship with God affecting all our relationships—and our responsibilities in that.
And a Second
Bus completed his second time in the center in Chiang Mai, and the doctors/therapists were happy with his progress, changing some of his exercise regime-giving hope and encouragement to his parents.
Yot and Bua Gaow continue to study with Larry.  We have had opportunity to get to know other family members recently too, and sometimes they stay for the Bible study.
We pray that you, also, are having some firsts as you move forward with Jesus.  Thank you for your continued commitment to us and Thailand.

Larry and Jan
Prayer and Praise Points
•         Praise God for a great camp.  Pray that people will feel the challenge for a long time.
•         Pray for people to deepen their relationship with God, especially Pat, Tong, and Duang.
•         Pray for Bus’s parents, that they will start to understand God’s love for them.
•         Praise God for the opportunity to minister and witness to Yot’s wider family.  Pray that their hearts would be open to the Good News.
•         Praise God for Taryn who has joined us for a few months.  She will be helping with English teaching.  Pray for her as she adjusts to life here.
•         Praise God for the relationships being made through hospital visiting.  Jan and Julia have been asked to help out at diabetes and blood pressure clinics.  Pray for wisdom as we consider this commitment.
Upcoming Events
•         Nov. 4: Jan is helping the Public Health Department with a World Food Day presentation.  Ban Luang has the first Community Food Inspectors program in the country.
•         Nov. 5, 12 & 19:  We are having workshops with teachers in the area to make teaching materials.
•         Nov. 7-9:  We are going to Bangkok to celebrate thirty years of mission with the Miatrichit Baptist church.
•         Nov. 17: Jan has a school board meeting in Bangkok.