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Update on Iris’ Cancer Situation

October 12, 2006 Journal
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Dear partners in mission:

As you know Iris' surgery reveled that she has cancer but we did not know what kind and where the focus was.Since last time I wrote to you, we sent the lump tissue to three different advanced pathology labs including two in USA and the results were given to us over the last weekend of my World Mission Offering visit to West Virginia, indicating that we are dealing with thyroid cancer. The good news about this diagnosis is that this is the most treatable kind of cancer there is and the possibilities of cure are very high.

Therefore, we now know, what are we dealing with and a plan of care is in the works. At this point Iris will be arriving today into West Virginia where she will be seen by an oncologist for a second opinion and immediate treatment. She will be under the wings of our MPT core (Missionary Partnership Team based in West Virginia) during that time. We also have all the support of the BIM Missionary Personnel team and our area director.Iris decided that I should stay in Bolivia with the boys since the normal treatment for this type of cancer is actually one outpatient procedure. Nevertheless, we, the MPT core and BIM, are open to any other possibilities depending on what the oncologist in USA recommends is the best for her health.

Please continue keeping us in your prayers as Iris moves into this process next week. Thank you for all your support and passion for the Christian Mission in Bolivia. May Jesus Christ our mighty God continue to unfold His grace and love to you and those around you!

Life makes sense because of Jesus!

Mario Seth Morales