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December 17, 2003 Journal
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Amados hermanos y amigos,

Living in the USA compared to living in Bolivia has one thing in common: The challenge to see life with hope. Christmas reminds us that hope is indeed real as Jesus Christ came to humanity as the eternal gift of life. This is the reason why The Morales family integrated in our daily lives the motto "It is a good life because of Jesus." To remind us that life is not only happiness or tragedy but instead an adventure worth living everyday to the fullest whether here in USA or back in Bolivia.

Mario and Ben are doing very well in school and they seem to have a gift of adapting to changes rather well. From the high altitudes in Bolivia to a hot summer in beautiful Arizona, from small markets in Cochabamba to the super markets in Gilbert and from a quiet school life at Carachipampa School to the busy school life at Liberty School, they both seem to be doing very well.

Iris and I have so far visited many churches shared in conventions and special meetings thru the continental USA particularly we have been in Pacific South West and Los Angeles. We want to thank you for all your love, kindness, and encouragement. During our visits Iris and I have been pro active in forming our Missionary Partners Team(MPT) even as BIM continues to develop the guidelines to work with regions. At this point, we continue praying for the people who may become part of this important team for our ministry. We will keep you updated as BIM guidelines are shared with us, and regional staff.

Bolivian Baptist leaders have invited Mario to help teach at a Pastors and Leaders Clinic to be held in Cochabamba, January 18 -26 2004, they are expecting people from all over Bolivia. We extended this invitation to some leaders and pastors as an opportunity for them to see our ministry in Bolivia. Pastor Mark McCloy from West Virginia and Pastor Scott Weatherill from Chino, California, accepted the invitation and will accompany Mario in January. Both of their churches and several churches and people in California, will support this event, by giving Bolivian Pastors and leaders a unique opportunity for ministry renewal at this event.

We thank God for our American Baptist family particularly for all of you in localchurches where the action of the Christian life takes place. Pastors, deacons, ushers, music ministries, prayer ministries, educational ministries, children ministries, women ministries, men ministries, youth ministries, we constantly pray for you and your families. We also thank God for BIM and the leadership that help us in the different challenges of our missionary ministry, thank you for all you do for us. We pray for you specially, at this transitional time. And we are also thankful to regional staff for coordinating our visits and providing resources even when they are limited, particularly to Rev. Doug Hubbard in LA and Mr. Steve Roblee at PSW for all your support and guidance. Finally we want to thank the Hispanic Convention in California for their support and invitations to visit many of their Hispanic Churches in that area, gracias por todo su apoyo, les amamos y oramos por ustedes constantemente. Dear family, have a Feliz Navidad and a Happy New Year 2004. May the abundant Grace of God shine in your hearts always.

It is a good life because of Jesus!

Please pray:


Iris, Seth Benjamin, Mario Joshua and Mario Morales.