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Baja Update May 2009

October 27, 2009 Journal
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Welcome to our first installment of what we expect to be regular first of the month updates.  Some will highlight family news and concerns, others will be stories inspired by our Mexican partners in mission, still others will be snapshots of what is happening in our ministries and the context in which we serve.    





We begin this month of May cautiously optimistic that, at least in Mexico, the spread of the new strain of flu ('swine flu') has stabilized.  Due to the outbreak, all schools are closed until next Wednesday.  Today, though, is a national holiday, as is Tuesday, May 5, so the closing of schools took into play an already planned vacation period from May 1 through May 5.  Here in Baja, very little specific information has been made public-- we hear that there have been two cases of  the flu but have heard no additional details, for example of who or where these cases occurred.  Also, unlike Mexico City, there has been no local government action to close all but essential services.  Movie theaters, malls and stores have stayed open and the use of respiratory masks, at least in Mexicali, has been minimal.  As a result, the Seminary leadership decided to keep the doors open, keeping an eye, though, on everyone's health and any further government recommendations.  Classes have continued as usual with no problems to date. 


The Monte Horeb School in Tijuana, where Patti teaches, closed on Monday, along with all public schools in Mexico.  Check out the web article with postings from Patti and other IM missionaries on the IM website (   



Víctor Mercado...


We learned this week of the death of Víctor Mercado in Puerto Rico.  Víctor served as Area Director for Latin America and the Caribbean from the 1970's until his retirement in 1992.  A most remarkable man who did so much to solidify and shape one of IM's core values, that of serving in committed partnership with overseas or international churches, he also was responsible for IM's expansion into new territory.  Our ministry in the Dominican Republic was a result of his groundwork; for us personally, it was Víctor who brought us on board at IM and who served as our first mentor. 


We think especially of his wife, Iris, at this time as we celebrate his life, thankful not only for the part he played at IM but also for the key role he played in our call and ministry. 





Tim returned last Monday from a two week trip to NY and PA where he visited friends, family, churches, pastors and association meetings.  It was a trip arranged by our Missionary Partnership Team (MPT) with the express purpose of touching base with as many churches and current and potential supporters as possible.  The urgent need for additional personalized support would be best served by a personal visit to the area in which members of our MPT live.  It was a very good trip, indeed.  We are now confident that, over the next few months, the additional support required will come in, thus allowing us to concentrate on ministries in Mexico.  Thanks to our Mission Partnership Team for a job very well done. 



Security Training...


At the end of the month, Patti  will be attending a Security Conference in La Paz in southern Baja.  It is a three-day intensive seminar that is so important for all of us who minister and work in Mexico these days.  Due to the economic crisis that IM is facing, there is no funding available to send us nor our IM missionaries colleagues in Mexico to this very important event.  However, Grace Christian Fellowship of Cortland, New York has provided funding so that Patti can attend the training.  Muchas gracias! 



Thanks again for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers,


Tim and Patti