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Baja Update August 2009

October 27, 2009 Journal
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World Champs!  We've had quite a week in the neighborhood.  Our local Little League, Park View, won the Little League World Series in South Williamsport, PA on Sunday.  Most of our ministry occurs on the Mexican side of the border in the northern part of the Mexican state of Baja California.  Our home, though, is located on the US side of the border in Chula Vista, just north of Tijuana and south of San Diego.  With well over 200,000 in population, we're really not a small place and there are some eight or nine Little Leagues within Chula Vista's boundaries.  What makes this even more special is that Park View is our local league, the one in which both of our sons, Aaron and Daniel played. 


Crossing the border now to Mexico.......


In our last update we wrote about Teresa Miranda, the first missionary to be supported fully by Baja Baptist Convention churches.  She is off this week to begin her ministry as director of a cross-cultural missionary training school in southern Mexico.  She begins this new phase of her mission work with the promise of both prayer and financial underpinning.  Her commissioning service was very well attended with over 300 present from churches throughout the north of Baja.  


Mexican grade schools began last week and we are pleased to report that the Monte Horeb School, where Patti teaches, is off to a much better than expected start.  It usually takes a few weeks for most students to return to classes yet after only a week there are over 100 already enrolled, including most all of Patti's special needs children.  They are still looking to hire two teachers, though.   


As we write these notes a powerful hurricane, Jimena, is bearing down on southern Baja. That's one thousand miles away from us but we are concerned for the general population as well as the many pastors and churches we know and work with from southern Baja.  Especially susceptible to loss of homes and lives are the thousands of workers who have migrated to the area to work in the tourist industry.  We trust that the current evacuations now being ordered will be effective and drastically reduce any loss of life. 


In appreciation of your continued support and prayers,


Patti and Tim