International Ministries

Sharing A Passion for Mission

September 29, 2002 Journal

Dear friends,

Thank you so much for your prayers and support.I am deeply grateful to know that you share a passion for mission.

I arrived back to Costa Rica on May 27, to an enthusiastic welcome from my missionary colleagues, the Wiegners and Baits, and also from my Costa Rican friends and co-workers.To my delight, I found a lovely house after only one day of looking, which is close to my colleagues and to work.

Theteam of Ediciones Lumbrera has done marvelously this past year, but are delighted to have me back to help with the overwhelming work load.Shortly after I arrived, a volunteer, Nate Brown, came to help us develop a business plan.He has guided us to define a vision and goals, to analyze our materials and how we can better make them available to people.

My first week back at Sunday school at my church in Desamparados, they were using our material on Ephesians. The week before, they had studied Paul's tearful goodbye to the leaders in Ephesus (Acts19) and as an application, everyone in the class had written a letter to our church expressing what it means to them.They read those letters during the worship service; a powerful outpouring of love, gratitude and commitment.

We are just finishing up our studies on the Reign of God in the Gospel of Luke.I think this will be one of our most exciting and transforming books yet, as we expand people's vision to see how God's plan includes transforming every element of life on earth, and how we can be a part of it.Soon we will begin the next study on Exodus.

Cordially in Christ,

Ruth Mooney