International Ministries

Merida Mexico Mission of Everett First Baptist Washington

November 3, 2009 Journal

     Pat and Luis Alvarez from Lake Stevens, Washington, have been going on mission trips to México since 2002.  This year, they have been in the Yucatán on three separate trips working in partnership with Gamaliel Canul from Action International Ministries and with pastors and congregations from the United States and from several churches in outlying areas of the Yucatán.


     The mission of their most recent trip was overseeing the engineering design of Camp John 3:16 that will be built to host children and youth camps, marriage and pastoral conferences, a community sports center, and provide job training for the Mayan people.  Pat and Luis hosted a team of 13 engineers, architects, and surveyors from Engineering Ministries International whose mission was to accomplish the design.  The team surveyed 24 acres of land in Baca, northwest of Mérida and worked with the ministry team to get a clear understanding of the vision and purpose of the camp.  The resultant engineering drawings and report are expected to be completed in the next couple of months.


     The heat and humidity made work difficult, and a couple of people were ill for a short period of time.  In spite of the challenges, Pat and Luis marveled at the work of God in the quick progression of the project and the quality engineering services obtained at a fraction of the normal cost.  They marveled at the way He provided inspiration and creativity to the team of engineers.


    There is a need for short-term construction teams for this camp.  Pat and Luis expect to be ready to receive construction teams in early 2010.  They will act as in-country hosts and resources for pre-trip planning for teams who would like to participate in the construction.  Please contact them at Pat and Luis Alvarez if you are led to participate in this very important mission.